J.O.Y aims to inspire you to find your own Health, Happiness and Well-being
Through Yoga , Retreats, Therapies and Holistic practices.

Offering a variety of gentle, therapeutic Classes suitable for abilities in Gillingham, Silton, Shaftesbury, Stour Provost and surrounding Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset areas.

Each person is an individual with different abilities and personal goals and, as such, it follows that their Yoga practice should be individualized too.
Classes are kept small, so that each person has the correct attention and guidance they need, aiding them to build their practice comfortably and safely, addressing any concerns as they arise and altering postures to suit.

For those who require One to One Yoga or any other Therapy/healing sessions, 1 hour appointments are available at Riversmeet in Gillingham, Dorset at various times throughout the week.

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